FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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1.  What is the difference between “Member Login” and “Member Registration” – at the top right hand corner of the home page?

“Member Login” is for those who have already been registered into the Member Only area of this website.  This is where you can log in to that area.

“Member Registration” is for members who do not currently have access to the Members Only area and now wish to apply for access.

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2.  I am a member of Mt Pleasant Bowling Club.  Why should I register for the Members Only area on the website?

You will be able to:

  • Receive emails whenever a news article or an event notice is posted on the website, thereby keeping up to date with what is happening at the Club
  • Provide your phone number and email address to other members to enable them to contact you.
  • View a list of other Members and their contact details (if they have chosen to be included on the list).
  • Create and be involved in Forums to express a point of view and discuss important issues affecting the Club.
  • Advertise items for sale.
  • Access the Club's Constitution; By Laws; Committee Minutes; Committee Reports etc.

Also see item 4 below

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3.  I am registered for the Members Only area but I cannot remember what to do next and don’t know my password.  What do I do?

  • Click on Member Login
  • Click on Request New Password
  • Enter your User Name or email address

You will be sent an email automatically, with a link to the website, where you can choose a new password. Note: this link expires in 24 hours

Click on the link to go to the website then and enter your new password.

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4.  Guidelines to members: re options when first registering.

The main areas are (all of which are optional):

  • Listed on Website?  Please tick this box if you wish to have your name appear as being a member of Mt Pleasant Bowling Club.  However, having your name listed, even if you choose not to provide your phone number and/or email address, lets Committees and other members know that you are a member of the Club and who is contactable via the website and who is not.
  • Contact Settings – Personal Contact Form.  If this box is ticked - you are allowing other members to email you.  Note: They cannot view your email address and it does not appear on the `List of Members'. 
  • Member Phone. By providing this it enables other members to contact you by phone – maybe they may want you to have a game of bowls with them.  Suggestion - put the preferred contact number first.
  • Member Suburb.  This is merely to assist others - for example – if the Match Committee is looking for an extra player to fill a game which is about to start in 10 minutes they would not call someone who lives in Timbuktu

Email notifications:

  • Subscription Options.  If any of these boxes are ticked, you will receive an email notice when new content is posted on the website.  You can then access the website to view the content.  We would prefer bowling members to keep all of these selected, enabling you to keep up to date with what is happening at the Club.  Social Members may choose to un tick the box “Events – Bowls”.


  • Digest Mode.  You can choose to have all notifications included in one email
  • Send Interval.  You can choose the interval at which notifications will be sent to you

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5.  Who can see my email address?

Anonymous visitors cannot view or access your email address.  Even members who log in cannot view your email address.  Your email address does not appear in the `List of Members'.  The only people who can view your email address are the Club's website management team.  Even when another member wishes to contact you through the website, the contact form used does not reveal your email address - your message comes from the website.

The only time your email address will appear is if you (the member) include it in a message, a post, a comment or the `Items for Sale' facility, or respond to an email from another member.

For more information, please view the website's privacy policy.

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6.  Why do I have a `Username' AND a `Member Name'?

There are two reasons for this.

1.  When a member first registers for access to the Members Only pages, the Site Editor needs your full name to validate that you are a financial member of our Club and the email address you provided actually belongs to you.  (Once validated, you will be sent an email with a temporary password and a link to your account to enable you to activate your entitlements.)

2.  If, for example, your name 'Frederick Lomasadono', you may become tired of needing to type in your full name every time you log in. So you have the option of changing your username to something short and easy for logging in purposes e.g. Fred.

However, if you enter a comment in any of the forums, only the user name “Fred” will appear in the posting.  The Site Editor, when approving and publishing the content will edit your comment to enter your Member Name.

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7.  I don't want to be included in the `List of Members' on the website.

If you wish to stay registered with the website to access the `Members Only' area and receive email notifications but do not wish to be included in the `List of Members', simply;

  • Click on My Account (located in the top right-hand corner of the web page)
  • Click on Edit
  • Scroll down and uncheck the Listed on website box.
  • Click on Save (at the bottom of the page).

We ask bowling members to choose to stay listed so that committees know who is contactable via the website and who is not.

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8.  I want to be included in the `List of Members' but I don't want to be emailed from this list.

You can turn off your email link:

  • Click on My Account (located in the top right-hand corner of the web page)
  • Click on Edit
  • Scroll down and uncheck the Personal contact form box.
  • Click on Save (at the bottom of the page).

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9.  Do I have to include my phone number and suburb in the `List of Members'?

No. You can leave these blank. To edit this;

  • Click on My Account (located in the top right-hand corner of the web page)
  • Click on Edit
  • Scroll down and delete or edit the details in these boxes
  • Click Save (at the bottom of the page).​

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10. What is the "Track" tab in the "My Account" page?

This provides you with a history of content that you have personally created on the website.  Other members do not see this information.

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11. What is the "Subscriptions" tab in the "My Account" page?

You can select which types of website content you wish to receive an email notification for. Your options are;

  • Article (i.e. when a `News' article is posted on the website).
  • Events - Social
  • Events – Bowls
  • Events – Bowls – Recurring

To do this:

  • Click on My Account (located in the top right-hand corner of the web page)
  • Click on Subscriptions
  • Click on Content types and select from the content types available.
  • Click on Save

Obviously we would prefer Full Members to select all of the content so that you are kept up to date with what is happening at the Club.

Social Members, for example, may not be interested in Bowls Events and could decide to deselect that option.

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12. Is the Website Open to Abuse?

No.  Member's are unable to post articles, leave comments, publish any content without it being reviewed and /or monitored.  To register any information on the website requires a person (members only) to log in and therefore we are aware who logs in and what information they contribute.

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13. Member Registration - Joint Email Addresses

If you are a member who shares an email address with someone else (e.g. John & Jenny Jones), unfortunately you will not be able to register separately.

For security reasons, the website does not allow multiple users of the same email address.

You have to either enter your names as in the example above or register under one name only.  The choice is yours (please don't argue over it though).

The only way you can have both your names registered separately, is for you to create a separate email addresses.  If you wish assistance with this please send an email to juneMPBC2013@gmail.com and provide a contact telephone number and June will get back to you.

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14. Can the website be accessed from overseas?

The website cannot be accessed overseas because we have blocked overseas access in order to minimise bogus membership requests (and there have been heaps, until we did that).

HOWEVER, we can override that for Members if wished.  Prior to going just email info@mtpbc.org.au and it will be arranged.

15. Problem logging in when using Safari.

Sometimes a small `bug' occurs when logging into the website using Safari. What can happen is that when you have logged in and you then return to the home page, Safari displays a `cached' version (i.e. the non-logged in version which doesn't display the `Members Only' menu). This is a problem with Safari and not the website.

To correct this, simply click on the refresh icon located at the top of the browser.

[Click image for larger view]

Unfortunately, you will need to do this each time you log in (until Safari fixes this problem).


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