A brief recap of Lawn Bowling history.

The Egyptians played it over 5000 years ago and then passed it to the Romans who distributed it to all of Europe. The French have their game of Boules and the Italians play at Boccie. The English invented the biased bowl and the Scots took over forming the laws and rules.

The legend goes that in the late1580’s Sir Francis Drake was playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe when the Spanish Armada was sighted in the English Channel. Sir Francis is quoted as saying;” We’ll finish the game and then go out and finish the Spaniards.” Which he did.

The oldest lawn bowling club still in existence was founded in Southampton, England in 1299.

Our clubs history doesn’t go back that far only to 1961 when the site was approved by the then Melville Road Board.

1963 saw the establishment of 2 greens and the clubs membership consisted of 113 full members and 109 associate members.

1965 saw the erection of our clubhouse and in 1967 and 1971 2 additional greens were added.

In 1983 the club became incorporated and it wasn’t until 1996 that Ladies became full members with voting rights.


Since those times the club has progressed to carpet for B and C greens (2005) and D green (2008).

In 2009 the club won the Bowls WA award as the outstanding Metropolitan Club of the Year. And in 2011 we celebrated our 50 year birthday.

We are now going through another transformation where improvements to the clubhouse are taking place to create the ambience and friendly feel for members and visitors.