(Note; This link will take you to the Bowls WA website - which is not controlled by the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club.)



How to access Pennant Fixtures, Results and Team Ladders

  1. Click on Bowls – click Pennants on drop down menu.
  2. On this page you will see 3 links.
  3. Click link – Bowls WA Pennant Fixtures, Results and Ladders – This will take you to the Bowls WA competitions page.
  4. Click Season and then click your required division (i.e. Men’s Saturday Pennant Season).
  5. Click required division – then under Division click tab – then click required colour.
  6. You will see here that there are a number of tabs – Fixtures, Results, Ladder and Skip Ladder. You can also change the game tab if you want to view who your team may be playing in future weeks. Click on any of the tabs for information.

NOTE: To view a list of pennant team players click on Results, then Team Name (i.e. Mt Pleasant) and then click Skippers Name (i.e. Revitt).

Pennant results are uploaded to the Bowls WA website by all clubs and can be viewed in the same way as indicated above and normally from 6 to 7pm after each game day.